My Vic-20 Stuff

These are some of the programs that I wrote in 1982/3. They all run on an unexpanded Vic...
You can download the .d64 image with these games on by clicking on the disk listing.

Don't Blow It for the unexpanded Vic-20 (pal/ntsc) written xmas 2012  (modified to V2 - Feb 2017)
Download the .prg file and instructions here

Vic Computing was the first Vic-20 magazine on the (UK) market.
It had news articles, reviews and some great type-in games and utilities.
To download a .d64 of some of the stuff I managed to type in
and get working, click on the disk listing.
Three Ivan Berg Software Titles: (require 8k+)  Click Images to download.            Game & Editor (8k+)
IQ Maths2 Mastermind
(These were cassette-based software converted by me to run from disk)

A little watch-along called ZAP!
Written October 2013 for unexpanded Vic.
Click Image to download.
Flip Flop 4 : A 2 player strategy game. (Written 2017)
Connect 4 pieces of your colour in a row by moving/jumping them around the board.
But beware!! Some of the squares will flip your piece to your opponents colour.
Click an Image to download.
zap! ff4_playff4_won

Made with a Vic