A simple game based on "Splat" © MB Games

I used to love playing this game with my kids when they were young. You made little bugs out of coloured Play-Doh® to use as counters (2 each). Throw the die and move the counter round the board. You had to move the one that was behind the other, jumping over any occupied squares. If you landed on a splat square, you picked a card from the top of the pile which had a colour on it and , if any bugs were on the same colour square, you flattened them with the splatter that turned the bug into a splat motif. You then had to make a new bug and begin from the start again.The winner was the first player to get both his bugs home.

I thought this would be a good game to convert to computer, saving all the getting out, clearing up the mess, and putting away again. But, after programming the game, I realised that there were no user decisions to be made. The bugs were moved according to the number on the die (jumping over anything in the way), you had to move your bug that was the farthest back, and you got splatted according to the turn of a card. The actual fun of the game was making and splatting the bugs!

I did change a few things, such as the pink squares are now safe zones and if you throw a number bigger than you need to land on the final square, you will bounce backwards for the rest of the throw.

So, although I call this a game, it's really more like a random watch-along as it just plays itself (not as boring as you might think, due to some humorous sound effects).
Run it, sit back and place your bets.

PC only for now I'm afraid.

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